man stands among blossoming apple trees in Hardanger

Fjord cruise and cider tasting in Hardanger

Explore scenic fjords, taste local ciders, and embrace the serenity of Hardanger in a single day.

This tour is perfect for anyone wanting to combine natural beauty and culinary delights with cultural insights, all within the comfort of a day trip from Bergen.

Fjord cruise from Norheimsund
Begin your adventure with a bus ride from Bergen to Norheimsund, where you’ll board a boat to Lofthus. Cruise through the pristine waters, passing by steep mountains, lush fruit farms and cascading waterfalls. From Lofthus, your fjord cruise continues to Aga. As you sail, enjoy the panoramic views of steep mountains and lush fruit farms that define this region.

Cider tasting in Aga
In Aga, immerse yourself in the traditions of Norwegian cider production with a tour of a local cider farm. Taste a selection of fine ciders, expertly paired with local cheeses, and gain insight into the craft that has shaped this region’s culture.

Explore Lofthus
After your cider tasting, enjoy an hour of free time in Lofthus, often referred to as the “Orchard of Hardanger.” Stroll through the village, smell the apple trees, visit the local bakery or simply relax and take in the magnificent fjord views.

Visit to Steinsdalsfossen
Conclude your tour with a stop at the breathtaking Steinsdalsfossen waterfall. Experience the thrill of walking behind the cascading water and capture moments of this magnificent natural wonder.


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