Woman holding husky puppies

Folgefonna Husky Camp Visit

Visit the campsite at Folgefonna Glacier and meet the dogs

Explore our campsite at the Folgefonna Glacier and enjoy memorable moments with our dogs and puppies! It’s an ideal escapade for families or, frankly, anyone who adores dogs!

Just so you know, our furry companions are huge fans of snuggles!

Our huskies aren’t just sled dogs; they’re incredibly sociable friends who adore cuddling!

Venturing to our campsite by the Folgefonna Glacier. Surrounded by traditional Scandinavian tents, similar to those used by our indigenous populations for centuries, adorned with soft reindeer skins and the warmth of crackling fires, you will experience the Norwegian way of life in this region. With our traditional Norwegian snacks and hot beverages, you’ll taste the authentic flavors of the area, enriching this journey for all your senses.


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