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Trolltunga rock formation

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Narrow fjords, steep mountains, clean air and an endless coastline - these are some of the things that make Norway so popular.

Whether you’re looking for an urban city break, off the beaten path villages or you are searching for world-class nature experiences, Norway is an ideal destination.

This Northern European Scandinavian country offering surreal scenery and unlimited adventure opportunities, is known for its mild climate, dramatic landscapes and friendly, safe cities.

With an extensive coastline on the west stretching more than 25,000 km (15,534 mi), there are more than 1200 fjords. These glacier-made inlets with towering straight, steep sides and cliffs are both jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring. Along the fjords you find world famous attractions like Preikestolen and Kjerag, attracting thousands of daring visitors a year.

 Norway has 4 distinct seasons but due to the country’s long, narrow geography, there are differences in weather, climate and terrain depending on where and the time of year you visit. Along the southwest coast there is mild weather, beaches, fjords and mountains while the east has large forests and the capital, Oslo. As you travel north towards the land of the midnight sun, the landscape takes on a more arctic appearance.

Although the days are short in wintertime, this is also the right time of year to see the northern lights flash across the arctic sky and enjoy experiencing a 24-hour polar night if you travel far enough north. Watching the bright colors moving across the dark sky is on many travelers’ bucket lists and few places in the world offer more ways to witness the magic than Norway.

Norway might be narrow and remote, but the country. With more than 385,000 sq km (148649 sq mi) to explore, you won’t run out of things to do in Norway.

If Norway is on your travel itinerary, you have come to the right place. Stick with us and have fun adventuring!


  • Population: 5 432 580
  • Capital:Oslo
  • Borders to: Sweden, Finland and Russia
  • Currency :NOK
  • Time zone:  UTC +1 (CET)
    Summer:  UTC +2 (CEST)
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