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The small village of Flåm sits on the shores of the Sognefjord, the King of the fjords! Surrounded by narrow fjords, high mountain ranges and dramatic valleys, Flåm is a popular destination in Fjord Norway.

We have put together some top tips and must-see attractions so you can make the most of your time!

Travelling to Flåm in Norway

Despite the fact that Flåm is a small, rural village, there are plenty of ways to get there, especially if you’re staying in Bergen.

Flåm by bus & boat

The best way to get from Bergen to Flåm

Explore the Sognefjord by boat

Are you staying in Bergen? Make the journey from Bergen to Flåm by boat

Things to do in Flåm

There are plenty of things to do in Flåm, especially for a small village. There also lots of different ways to admire the stunning scenery and explore the culture and heritage of this amazing part of western Norway.

The Flåm Railway

Believe us when we say that Flåm Railway is a bucket list attraction. The Flamsbana line is considered to be one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world, and for good reason! A branch of Bergen railway, the Flåm Line is 20.2 km long and will take you on an adventure through magnificent Norwegian scenery. Gaze upon the mystical blue waters of Aurlandsfjord and look out for the stunning Rjoansefossen waterfall as it tumbles down the mountainside. You’ll journey alongside babbling streams, raging rivers and luscious green forests while in the shadows of snow-capped mountains. Let’s not forget the 21 hairpin bends that you will experience as the train climbs 866 metres above sea level before arriving at Myrdal Station.

Flåm Railway

One of the world's most beautiful train rides.

Stegastein viewpoint

The spectacular viewing point Stagasteinen - the must see viewpoint

A trip to Flåm is not complete without a visit to simply spectacular Stegastein viewpoint! This picture perfect location sits 650 metres above Aurlandsfjord. Never heard of Aurlandsfjord? Aurlandsfjord is a 17 km arm of the legendary Sognefjord, beginning at Flåm and ending at Mount Beitelen. From Mount Beitelen, the equally beautiful Nærøyfjord takes over. Both parts of the fjord are part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Stegastein viewing platform is a popular bus trip running from Flåm

Flåm Church

Located in the village of Flåm is a beautiful wooden church, constructed in 1667. Inside, you’ll find some of the original 18th-century decoration. It’s a short walk from Flåm’s waterfront and port and worth a visit if you’re in the area.

The Flåm Railway Museum

If you want to learn more about the unique history of the Flåm line, then head to The Flåm Railway Museum. Journey back in time to 1924 and discover how the railway was constructed and built! Hear about the people who made it a reality and the challenges that they faced along the way. You’ll get to see photographs, videos, artefacts and authentic locomotives. Entrance to the museum is free of charge and worth a visit!

Flam Zipline

Perhaps you fancy something a little bit different? Something daring, that will really get your heart pumping? Look no further than Flåm Zipline. Spanning 1381 metres in length, it is the longest zip line in Scandinavia and will give you incredible views of Flåm valley and the railway.

The wild and wonderful landscape is best enjoyed with the wind in your hair and the world at your feet! To experience Flåm Zipline, you’re best to combine a trip on the Flåm Railway. You can easily hop off the train at Vatnahalsen station (5-minute walk) or Myrdal station (15-minute walk). If you’re planning to walk or cycle to the zipline there is a separate line that carries extra luggage and bikes. The line ends at Rallarrosa Cheese Farm, where you can enjoy a selection of tasty cheeses, snacks and drinks.

Where to eat in Flåm

There are a handful of places to eat while in Flåm. Compared to other areas, prices are expensive. Here’s a section of places that we would recommend trying.

Moderately priced restaurant in Flåm

If you’re looking for a moderately priced meal in Flåm, head to Aegir Brewery & Pub. It is built in the style of a Viking hall, with a large fire in the centre, wooden carvings and long tables. It is a cosy and welcoming place to enjoy good food and great beer. Ingredients are locally sourced and seasonal and the menu is varied.

Local cuisine in Flåm

There are plenty of places to sample local cuisine in Flåm, especially when you consider that it’s a small village. Cured meat is a longstanding tradition in Norway and can be salted, smoked or unsmoked. Cured meat is usually served with bread, butter and sour cream. In Flåm, you can sample this delight at Fretheim Hotel as it is usually on their menu as a snack or starter.

Fruit and berry trees are a noticeable part of the Sogn og Fjordane and Hordaland landscape. So, it’s no surprise that locally produced fruit juice and cider are on offer in Flåm. You can find fruit juice and cider in most cafes, restaurants and retail outlets in the village.

Lunch or cheap eats in Flåm

If you’re looking for something quick, easy and reasonably priced, head to Flåm Bakery for some delicious lunchtime treats. Treat yourself to freshly baked bread and pastries or choose from a scrumptious range of sandwiches. Ice cream and coffee are also available. You will find Flåm Bakery next to the station building. It’s certainly worth a visit!